Arg Karim Khan Zand

Arg Karim Khan Zand

Arg Karim Khan Zand is located in downtown Shiraz. During the reign of the Zandy dynasty, this citadel was built, and when Karim Khan chose Shiraz as his capital, he chose his place of residence and then became known as the Karim Khani Arg. The construction of the citadel was carried out between 1766 and 1767.

Arg Karim Khan
Photo By AmirHosein Zolfaghari

It is exploited in two ways: one as the location of the government (during the Zandis period) and the other as the residence of the local governors (during the Qajar period), and that is why the building of the citadel is a combination of two residential and military architectures.
The painted rooms inside the citadel are very beautiful and also have a special elegance.
One of the cases that confirms the military’s strength is the quadruple tower and the ditch that had been dug before it.

One of the tourist attractions of this citadel, is that one of the towers, has been tilted like the Pisa tower. The disruption of the tilting of this tower is of special importance in terms of engineering.

The thickness of the walls varies from place to place, at a base of 3 meters and above 12 meters, the height of the walls of the citadel is 12 meters and the height of the towers is 14 meters.

The exterior of the building is very simple and most of it is of bricks, but some parts of it are from stone (all rocks are marble that is brought from Tabriz).

The towers are constructed in four corners of the citadel, each of which has a substructure of 6 meters.
During the construction of the towers, the location of one of the towers did not have the necessary conditions (soil summing and soil degradation), so they were forced to drag the tower to the west by several meters.
The same thing made the tower not in the direction of the other towers and the overall shape of the citadel was in the form of a trapezoid.

These towers have 3 separate floors, which can be traversed by circular staircases. There are 2 rooms in each floor, one for the rest guard and the other for holding the guns.

The entrance of the citadel on the external side is decorated with a tiled metal panel of the battle scene of Rustam with the white beast.

One of the natural advantages of the citadel are the head barrels that extend around the roof edge, which protect the building from direct sunlight at noon in summer, and also protects the Chinese knot window when it rains.

Another interesting feature of this citadel is that all rooms are interconnected and can be moved through without exiting the interior, and the entrance of the rooms are completely opposite to each other.

The small rooms above the corridors, which consist of four rooms on each side, are decorated with mogharnas and similar decorations.

At the moment, Arge Karim Khan is considered to be a historic and spectacular monument. Every year, many people from all over the world come to see this monument and they see the beauty of this building from up close.
Parts of this building have been restored to prevent the severity of the damage by the expert groups. However, over time, parts of the designs and paintings and the Mogharnas ceiling have been lost.

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