Credit Card in Iran – Stop Bringing Cash

Credit Card in Iran – Stop Bringing Cash

Cash has been a means of buying goods for a long time. But those days are in the past! Neither in the world, nor in Iran do people use cash in their everyday lives anymore as they used to before. It’s either a debit card or a credit card. Unfortunately due to political issues between the US government and Iran, visa cards, master cards and no other worldwide accepted credit card won’t work in Iran. Most people use debit cards in Iran to pay for their goods. So what should you do? First of all try to book all your accommodations and transportation tickets through PinPars online, with your credit card or through your online payment system. But you still need some money to spend in Iran, right. That’s fine!

You see, Iranians don’t use cash either, they use debit cards! So why should travelers coming to Iran do?
It’s impossible! But it’s not! We’ve come up with a safe and reliable method for you to stop withdrawing cash from your account before traveling to Iran! You can buy a usual prepaid bank card through PinPars before or during your trip to Iran! You pay us the money through online payment sites in your own currency, and we give you the changed amount in IRR (Iranian Rial), in a prepaid bank card, working at all shops throughout the country!

1.How do we send you your card?
If you choose, we’ll send it before you come to Iran. (But that would cost you money for the posting!).

2.How can we trust you? How can we rely on you?
Come to Iran, buy a prepaid card through online payment system (it’s filtered, but you can use our free VPN service (Internet in Iran), or have a friend make a payment on your behalf) and you can authorize the money after your sure we’ve charged the same amount in your prepaid bank card.

3.How will you give me my prepaid bank card?
We will send you a code and the address to the nearest 24 hour banking station where you can get the card.

4.What about the money that remains in the card after our trip is over?
We will return the rest of the money through PayPal or cash. We’ll find the nearest station to you where you can deliver the card.

5.How much does the card cost?
Nothing. It costs zero. You pay in your currency, we change it based upon the exchange rate in Iran, and give you the IRR (Iranian Rial) in your card. You’ll just have to pay a %3 payment fee, which isn’t ours either.



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