Internet in Iran

Internet in Iran

Due to regulations in Iran, we have some websites which are filtered, which means you can’t access them because the government has blocked them. But there is another problem as well, some websites have blocked us from the outside. For example, you can’t access PayPal from Iran. But the Iranian government hasn’t blocked it, PayPal has due to sanctions against Iran.
Most Iranians use VPN connections to avoid these filters. Both from the inside and from the outside.
Most tourists in Iran have problem accessing social networks such as Facebook and their accounts for making purchases. We’ve run a VPN server for our customers to have a good time in Iran, and enjoy using unfiltered internet throughout their trip.

It’s completely simple and straightforward for you to connect to our server, and we’ll send you the guide so you can use it on your phone or any other device you may have. This is a complementary service provided by PinPars to make you feel at home, while traveling within Iran, so we won’t charge you anything extra for using it.

We’ve run the service using a simple protocol which most phones and operating systems support by default so you won’t have to run another program to access the server.
To get the connection details you can send us a message through any of the methods on the contact us form. Just remember that this service will only work when you are in Iran, so you can visit your social networks without any problem.

In case you have any technical problems connecting to the service, you can contact us, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Usually using WhatsApp to contact us is faster when you’re in Iran. Fortunately most online texting applications are free to use in Iran. Remember we will never spam you through any of our services.


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