Iran Dress Code

Iran Dress Code

Can I wear shorts in Iran?

I’m a woman, if I have a scarf on which covers half of my hair is it alright?

I’m a man, can I wear a t-shirt in Iran?

These are just some of the questions which travelers usually face when they want to travel to Iran. It might seem odd, but since we live in an Islamic country which most social rules are governed based upon Islamic verdicts, men and women have to consider some facts when they want to choose what to pack for visiting Iran. Although some of these regulations are something which has just been around and doesn’t have any religious base. Such as men wearing shorts. It’s not prohibited by Islam, but it’s something which isn’t accepted by the public.

Let’s make a formula for men and women separately which will basically answer hopefully all of the questions.

Women: Hair shouldn’t be without a cover. You don’t have to cover it completely as you can see in pictures that Iranians don’t completely cover themselves either. A small scarf should do. For the upper part of the body, wearing something which has sleeves is preferred. Wearing a t-shirt might not cause a problem in some cities such as Tehran, but to have a peace of mind you’d prefer to wear something with long sleeves. Not too tight is preferable. For the lower part of the body, shorts is completely out of the picture, but long gowns or pants are fine. Definitely without any torn parts which shows the skin underneath. Wearing sandals without socks isn’t a problem.

Having nail polish on hands or feet isn’t a problem, so don’t worry.

Men: It’s basically more simple for men. The only thing is probably that you can’t wear shorts in the public. Other than that, having pants and shirts on should be fine.

If you still find anything confusing, feel free to ask questions through the comments.

Have a great time in Iran!

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