Visa for Iran

Visa for Iran

One of the processes required to be done before entering any country is to check their visa regulations. Maybe you’re lucky enough to not require a visa because of waived visa requirements! Fortunately getting a visa to enter Iran has become really simple in the recent years. Unless you’re from a few countries (which have been listed below), you can apply for an electronic visa and receive it upon arrival. So let’s go through all of it in detail.

Iran Visa
First of all, if your passport is issued from one of the following countries, you don’t need a visa to enter Iran!
Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Georgia, Malaysia, Egypt, Syria, Turkey, and Venezuela

The visa on-arrival is the type of visa which you can apply for from major airports in Iran, upon arrival. Some of these airports include Imam Khomeini Airport, Isfahan Airport, Shiraz Airport. There is an online application which isn’t obligatory to be filled out before entering Iran, but keep in mind, that the visa website of the ministry of foreign affairs still suggests filling out an online application form to expedite the process when you reach the airport. You need to have a booking confirmation of at least one of the hotels which you will be staying at, to apply for this visa. The visa will be attached to your passport when you arrive at the airport. The fee for a tourist visa is currently 60 euros, but it might change. Keep in mind that this visa is only for tourists and journalists can’t use it.

For all other countries except the following, you’re able to apply for an on-arrival visa!
Colombia, Somalia, USA, UK, Canada, Bangladesh, Jordan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India

Other than citizens of Canada, UK and USA, others can come to Iran alone and apply for a visa through an Iranian embassy. But if you’re from Canada, the US or England, you’ll have to have a tour leader accompanying you throughout your trip.

Keep in mind to apply for a visa and enter Iran, your passport should have at least 6 months validity before it expires.

There is another type of applying for a visa, which is through an invitation letter, in which an organization or company has formally invited you to Iran, which has a more expensive fee. It’s not required, and an on-arrival visa will do.

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